Sunchem offers a range of cleaning products for domestic, industrial and automotive purposes. These quality products have been intensively tested for performance and are proven to cut through and neutralise stubborn grease, dirt and grime from variety of surfaces.

General Multipurpose Cleaners

  • Hurricane Clear (HURC) – All-purpose cleaner, designed for use on a variety of surfaces, including stainless steel, vinyl, laminate, painted wood, metal, porcelain and glass.
  • Spray & Swipe (SPS) – Anti-bacterial spray used to clean, deodorise and disinfect all hard surfaces, from benchtops to windows.
  • Dominator (DOM) – Complete cleaner and sanitiser for glass surfaces. Contains specialised chlorine surfactants to ensure rapid action, ample foam and easy application.
  • Terminator (TER) – Complete cleaner and sanitiser for glass surfaces. Contains corrosion inhibitors to prevent deterioration in non-reactive metals.
  • Pinechem (PNK) – Eucalyptus and Pine oil cleaner. Disinfecting and deodorising cleanser, based on the germicidal properties of distilled eucalyptus and pine oil.
  • Cloudy Ammonia (CLD) – Multipurpose cleaner and deodorant for fridges, bench tops, stoves, bathtubs and basins
  • Sun Glow (SGW) – Liquid cream polish spray containing a unique blend of waxes to clean and repel dust from furniture.
  • Orange Powder Concentrate (OPC) – Environmentally friendly citrus-based cleaner and degreaser. Non-harmful to painted surfaces, rubber laminates, glass and aluminium.
  • N.C.K. Parts Cleaner (NCK) – Safety solvent for use in industrial parts washers.
  • Phaser Break (PQB) – Extra strength aqueous quick-break degreaser made from readily biodegradable surfactants. Formulated to remove heavy grease, dirt and oil from a variety of surfaces.
  • Protectorglaze (PTG) – Protects vinyl, plastic, rubber, finished leather and sealed wood against elements. Repels dust and leaves clean finish.

Floor Cleaners

  • Carpet Fresh (CPF) – Safe to use on all types of rugs, mats and carpets, including synthetics. It is a dry powder deodoriser, with a vanilla fragrance that remains long after vacuuming.
  • Carpet Magic (CMG) – Specialised liquid carpet cleaning detergent for dry cleaning and water extraction applications. Safe for woollen and synthetic carpet and fabric.
  • Floormate (FLM) – Professional floor sealer and polish for vinyl sheets and tiles
  • Kemstrip (KSP) – Powerful stripper of floor polish, as well as metal linked polishes.
  • Spray Buff (SBF) – Combined cleaner and polish for use in maintenance of polished floors and vinyl.

Metals & Concrete Cleaners

  • Kiclear (KIC) – Heavy duty acid cleaner suitable for cleaning and brightening a range of metals, including aluminium.
  • Twister (TWI) – Extra strength aqueous degreaser, formulated to remove heavy grease, dirt and grime from metal.
  • HD 40 (HD) – Heavy duty alkaline cleaner, used to remove grease and oil from metal, concrete and vehicle engines
  • Agi Gel (AGIGEL) – Thickened acid organic cleaner designed for rapid removal of fresh concrete, water scale, rust and stains. Particularly effective for cleaning concrete trucks and equipment.
  • Cleaning Acid (CLA) – Powerful acidic cleaner designed for bowl wash and concrete removal.
  • GFC 50 (GFC) – Heavy duty degreasing powder. Provides quick, easy removal of grease and oil stains on concrete floors, driveways and other unpainted hard surfaces.
  • Mechanics Break (MQB) – Mechanics quick break concentrated solvent/degreaser for removing heavy grease, dirt and oil from concrete, vinyls and any metals.
  • Mechanics Friend (MFR) – Solvent based concentrate that mixes to form a ready-to-use degreaser. Ideal for removing heavy grease from metal and concrete.
  • Mechanics Friend (MFRRTU) – Mixed and ready to use.
  • Alubrite (ALB) – Degreaser designed for rapid removal of rust, water scale, soap and body fats, algae marks and stubborn stains. Ideal for use on metal surfaces, concrete, aluminium and fibreglass.

Glass Cleaners

  • Bright Spark (BSK) – Non-streaking liquid cleaner for windows, mirrors, windscreens, stainless steel and laminates. Removes nicotine haze from glass surfaces.
  • Window Gleam (WINGL) – Fragrant non-streaking liquid cleaner for all glass surfaces, containing no ammonia.

Paint Removal

  • Vandal (VAN) – Biodegradable degreaser and graffiti remover. Contains blend of citrus solvent with powerful emulsifiers to remove heavy grease, oil, bitumen and refinery tars.
  • Industrial Fallout (IFO) – Acid based cleaner designed to rapidly remove fallout from paintwork on automobiles and boats. Can be used to bleach timber and remove stains prior to painting.