Disinfectants & Air Fresheners

Autofresh (AFR) – Germicidal air freshener designed to mask and destroy unwanted odours within your automobile. Perfume is pleasant, fresh and long lasting.

Four Seasons (FRS) – Germicidal air freshener, available in floral, spice, lemon and wildberry fragrances. Perfect for bathrooms and toilets.

Tropical Nights (TRO) – Extra strength residual air freshener, designed to mask smells in enclosed spaces for up to 1 week after spraying. Eliminates cigarette odours.

Eucalyptus Oil (EUC) – 85% natural oil. Perfect for cleaning sweat and grime from automotive upholstery. Leaves pleasant fragrance.

Hy-Gene #3 (HY3) – Three in one disinfectant, cleaner and deodoriser for use on floors, walls, bathrooms and kitchens.