Specialist Automotive Parts Cleaners

Battery Acid (BAT) – For use in acid wet cell batteries. Add carefully to battery as required.

Tyre Mate (TYM) – Non-silicone gloss treatment for rubber, vinyl and plastics. Protects your tyres without the over-drying problems associated with silicone.

N.C.K. Parts Cleaner (NCK) – Safety solvent for use in industrial parts washers.

EBS 60 (EBS) – Heavy duty degreasing powder for soaking engine blocks. Provides quick, easy removal of heavy grease deposits and oil from ferrous based engine components.

Carbi Solvent (CBS) – Powerful solvent based decarboniser for metallic engine components. Utilises cold bath technique.

Penetrene 40 (PWP) – Penetrating metal protector, designed to displace water from distributors, relay switches and spark plugs. Protects all metal from rust and corrosion.