Specialist Automotive Parts Cleaners

Add carefully to the battery as required.  Use in acid wet cell batteries.

Protects and beautifies materials such as vinyl, rubber and plastics with out the usual problems associated with silicones. 

Directions: Clean surface first with HURRICANE OR AUTO KLEEN, once dry apply directly to tyres using a hand held spray applicator to evenly cover the surface.   

A high flash point kerosene developed especially for use in industrial parts washers.

Directions: Pour product directly into the holding tank of parts washer equipment.  For parts wash equipment that require water add the specified amount before adding solvent.

A heavy duty degreasing powder which provides quick, easy removal of heavy grease deposits and oil from ferrous based engine blocks and engine components. 

Directions: Depending on the soil, dilute: 100-200 ml : 1 L water. Carefully add the powder to cold water while the bath is being agitated.  After dissolving the bath can be heated if necessary.  Soaking overnight may be needed.  Remove the block and hose off.

A powerful solvent based decarboniser for the removal of carbon deposits from metallic engine components, utilizing a cold bath technique.

Directions: Preclean heavily soiled parts to prolong the life of the CARBISOL bath.  Immerse the parts in the CARBISOL, making sure that the parts are below the seal level.  Allow soaking overnight if necessary.

* Starts Wet Motors   * Loosens Rusty, Frozen Parts  PENETRENE 40 rapidly displaces water from surfaces such as distributors, relay switches, spark plugs, protects all metal against rust and corrosion.  Lubricates and penetrates to loosen rusted metal parts or sticky mechanisms. 

Directions: Saturate area to be treated using a spray applicator, allow to soak for several minutes before wiping.  For best rust protection results, do not wipe off excess.   For water stalled engines, spray over distributor, spark plugs and cables.