Keep your kitchen in top condition and free from germs and bacteria with Sunchem extensive range of food preparation and dish cleaning products. We offer commercial grade detergents and surface cleaners, as well as products suitable for maintenance of dishwashers and other industrial food areas, such as butcher’s blocks or beerlines.

Food Prep Area Cleaning

  • Easy Grill (ESG) – Strong alkaline cleaner used to remove baked-on fats, greases and carbon deposits from grills and cooking surfaces.
  • Handi Kem (HKM) – Powerful ammoniated detergent used for removal of animal fats, grease and grime. Fantastic for dairies, butcher shops and food processing units.
  • Sun Premium (SPM) – Concentrated biodegradable detergent designed for manual dishwashing. Ideal for sensitive skin.
  • Sparkle Fresh (SPA) – Concentrated anti-bacterial liquid for manual dishwashing
  • Sunshine GP (SGP) – General purpose biodegradable dishwashing liquid, perfect for use on greasy pots and pans.
  • No specs (SPEX) – High performance dishwashing liquid, providing economical and effortless cleaning. Kind on hands, with a pleasant lemon aroma.
  • Time Saver (TIM) – Concentrated neutral detergent, ideal for removal of animal fats, oil and grime from washable surfaces in butcher shops, boning rooms and kitchens.
  • Cleaners Bleach (CLNRB) – For use in all areas of food prep.
  • Bandit (BAN) – Enzyme based odour control agent. Removes grease, fats and other contaminants by enhancing beneficial microorganism activity.
  • Beerline Cleaner (BEE) – Heavy duty detergent containing alkaline salts, chelates and sequestrants. Ideal for removing scale from beerlines and pipes.

Dishwashing Products

  • Auto-Wash (ATW) – Commercial strength liquid detergent, designed to clean tableware in all types of medium to large automatic dishwashing machines.
  • MDL 35 (MDL) – Concentrated liquid detergent designed for everyday use.
  • FRA 50 (FRA) – Highly active wetting agent, designed to eliminate residual alkalinity from dishes after the wash cycle.
  • MDP 35 (MDP) – Carefully blended powder, used to clean and sanitise dishes, crockery and cutlery in both commercial and domestic dishwashing machines.
  • MDP 05 (MDPO) – Specifically formulated to be safe for use in septic water treatment systems
  • D’Scale (DSC) – Acid based descaler designed for rapid removal of water scale, rust, oxidation and stains from dishwashing machines and irrigation pipes.