Sunchem Quality Cleaning Products has all your car detailing needs covered, with specially designed and tested automotive cleaning and maintenance products. Our affordable cleaning solutions will keep your vehicle spotless and increase efficiency within your automotive or mechanical workshop

Vehicle Cleaning

  • Autokleen – Powerful water based degreaser, formulated to remove heavy grease, dirt and grime from automobiles, machinery workshops, garages and engineering plants.
  • Vinyl Shine (VLS) – Solvent-based silicone polish, designed to revive dull rubber and plastic, as well as vinyl surfaces. Restores rich appearance to upholstery, door trims, dashboards and tyres. Protects against weathering and harsh sunlight.
  • Protectorglaze (PTG) – Protects vinyl, plastic, rubber, finished leather and sealed wood against the elements. Repels dust and leaves clean finish.
  • 10 Four (TEN) – Quick break foaming liquid shampoo for use on all motor vehicles. Safe on paintwork and alloy surfaces. Suitable for separators/water recycling systems.
  • Phosphate-free Truck Wash – Formulated to remove stubborn grease and road grime with minimal manual effort.
  • Glo-wash (GLO) – Non-silicone auto shampoo containing high gloss Carnauba wax. Contains no solvents and is ideal for use on paint, chrome, steel, glass, rubber and aluminium.

Specialist Automotive Parts Cleaners

  • Battery Acid (BAT) – For use in acid wet cell batteries. Add carefully to battery as required.
  • Deminerised Water (DMW) – Deionised and purified water. Ideal for car radiators and batteries.
  • Tyre Mate (TYM) – Non-silicone gloss treatment for rubber, vinyl and plastics. Protects your tyres without the over-drying problems associated with silicone.
  • N.C.K. Parts Cleaner (NCK) – Safety solvent for use in industrial parts washers.
  • Parts Wash Power QB (PWP) – Quick break alkaline powder designed for use in automatic parts wash machines. Safe on reactive metals, alloy and copper.
  • EBS 60 (EBS) – Heavy duty degreasing powder for soaking engine blocks. Provides quick, easy removal of heavy grease deposits and oil from ferrous based engine components.
  • Carbi Solvent (CBS) – Powerful solvent based decarboniser for metallic engine components. Utilises cold bath technique.
  • Penetrene 40 (PWP) – Penetrating metal protector, designed to displace water from distributors, relay switches and spark plugs. Protects all metal from rust and corrosion.


  • Fleetwash (FLE) – Powerful water based degreaser for use in machinery workshops, garages, engineering plants and other commercial areas.
  • Road and Oil Dispersant (ROD) – Environmentally friendly cleaner/degreaser made from active surface agents and orange oil. Rapidly penetrates oil and grime.