Food Prep Area Cleaning

Is a strong alkaline cleaner which is highly effective for the removal of baked on fats, greases and carbon deposits. 

Directions: Brush or wipe on preheated oven or grill 80 degrees and allow time to penetrate (at least 10 minutes)

A powerful ammoniated detergent used for the removal of body and animal fats, grease and grime. EXCELLENT GREASE CUTTER.  Great for: Dairies, Butcher Shops, Boning Rooms, Kitchens, Food Processing Units.

Directions:   Greasy Floors: 150 ml : 16 L water,  General Cleaning:  75 ml : 16 L water, Cleaning Cars & Trucks: 1 L : 10 L water

A concentrated biodegradable detergent designed for manual dishwashing, whilst being kind to the hands. 

Directions:  As the product is highly concentrated, small amounts are required to provide effective cleaning.  As a guide 1 to 2 teaspoons persinkfull of water should be sufficient.

An anti-bacterial concentrated product which is readily biodegradable, designed for manual dishwashing. 

Directions:   Dishwashing: 10 ml : 10 L wash water, General Cleaning: 20 ml : 5 L water, mop or sponge on then wipe clean, rinse surface with fresh water

Is a bio-degradable, general purpose detergent which is recommended for a multitude of cleaning applications, including dishes, cutlery, greasy pots and pans and use a wetting agent.

Directions: Dishwashing: 20 ml per sink load.  Add more for extra greasy wash-ups.  General Cleaning: 20 – 60 ml : 10 L warm water, depending upon the degree of soiling, rinse with water.

A bio-degradable, general purpose detergent which is recommended for a multitude of cleaning appplications, including: dishes, cutlery, greasy ports and pans, benchtops, floors, walls and any other washable surface.  A high performance cleaner, providing economical and effortless cleaning, whilst being kind to hands.  Load with pleanty of foam and refreshing lemon aroma.

Directions: Dishwashing: 20 ml per sink load.  General Cleaning: 20 – 60 ml : 10 Lt warm water, dpending upn the degree of soiling. Rinse surface with water.

A concentrated neutral detergent which is ideally suited to the removal of animal fats, oil and grime from washable surfaces in butcher shops, boning rooms, kitchens and food processing areas. 

Directions:  Foam Cleaning: 1 part : 4 parts water, use stronger solution for heavy soiling,  High pressure cleaning: 1 part : 200 parts water,  Manual Cleaning: 1 part : 100 parts water, General: optimum results will be attained if warm/hot water is used.

Can be used to clean in all areas, also can be used to sanitise lettuce (Food Prep).

A unique liquid formulation of selected biological enzymes and surfactants which speed up the natural biodegrading processes upon grease, fats and other contaminants by enhancing beneficial micro-organism activity.  Also acts as a powerful odour control agent by breaking down odours, rather than masking them.

A heavy duty liquid detergent containing alkaline salts, chelates and sequenterants particularly suited to the removal of scale from beerlines and pipes.  Does not contain chlorine or related compounds that may affect the taste of beer. 

Directions:   Mix at the rate of 60 ml per 5 lt of clean water.