Food Prep Area Cleaning

Easy Grill (ESG) – Strong alkaline cleaner used to remove baked-on fats, greases and carbon deposits from grills and cooking surfaces.

Handi Kem (HKM) – Powerful ammoniated detergent used for removal of animal fats, grease and grime. Fantastic for dairies, butcher shops and food processing units.

Sun Premium (SPM) – Concentrated biodegradable detergent designed for manual dishwashing. Ideal for sensitive skin.

Sparkle Fresh (SPA) – Concentrated anti-bacterial liquid for manual dishwashing

Sunshine GP (SGP) – General purpose biodegradable dishwashing liquid, perfect for use on greasy pots and pans.

No specs (SPEX) – High performance dishwashing liquid, providing economical and effortless cleaning. Kind on hands, with a pleasant lemon aroma.

Time Saver (TIM) – Concentrated neutral detergent, ideal for removal of animal fats, oil and grime from washable surfaces in butcher shops, boning rooms and kitchens.

Cleaners Bleach (CLNRB) – For use in all areas of food prep.

Bandit (BAN) – Enzyme based odour control agent. Removes grease, fats and other contaminants by enhancing beneficial microorganism activity.

Beerline Cleaner (BEE) – Heavy duty detergent containing alkaline salts, chelates and sequestrants. Ideal for removing scale from beerlines and pipes.