Clothes Washing & Washing Machine Maintenance

Aqua Foam (AQF) – Biodegradable laundry liquid for use in hot or cold water. Stain removing surfactants and optical brighteners leave whites sparkling and colours brighter.

Aqua Low Foam (AQFL) – Low foam laundry liquid

Aqua Wash (AQW) – Phosphate free laundry liquid for use in hot or cold water.

Lamb Chops (LCP) – Specialised laundry liquid loaded with eucalyptus oil. Designed to be used on wool.

Hydrogen Peroxide (HPC) – Bleaching agent for commercial use.

Break Wash (BKW) – Heavy duty alkaline liquid for use with soaps and other detergents. Perfect for washing white and light coloured cotton and polyester fabrics.

Sun Soft Lavender (SSL) – Fabric conditioner, designed to add softness to your whole wash. Very effective on towels, nappies, blankets and wool.

Sunbrite (SBR) – Biodegradable laundry powder for domestic and commercial use. Formulated to work in hot or cold water, as well as hard water conditions

Wonder Powder (WOP) – Biodegradable and economical laundry powder. Brightening agents included for maximum whiteness retention and colour brightness for all fabric types.

Blue Brite Sunwash (BBSW) – Budget laundry power for domestic washing machines. Use warmer water for optimum results.

HDP 50 (HDP) – High foaming, heavy duty powder. Provides quick, easy removal of grease and oil stains. Ideal for use as a laundry break wash agent.

Maid Easy (MDE) – Biodegradable, phosphate free laundry powder.

Oxy — Brite (OBP) – High performance oxygen boosted bleaching power. Ideal for washing nappies and prewashing stained garments.

Chlor — Brite (CBR) – Heavy duty sanitising power, designed for use on white fabrics, sheets and nappies.

Sunwash (SWH) – Readily biodegradable enzymatic laundry powder. Great for removing blood and vomit.

Sunwhite Lemon Bleach (SWT) – Commercial grade bleaching agent and sanitiser used for cleaning, whitening, removing stains, disinfecting and deodorising. Safe on colour.

Parts Wash Power QB (PWP) – Quick break alkaline powder designed for use in automatic parts wash machines. Safe on reactive metals, alloy and copper.