Dishwashing Products

Auto-Wash (ATW) – Commercial strength liquid detergent, designed to clean tableware in all types of medium to large automatic dishwashing machines.

MDL 35 (MDL) – Concentrated liquid detergent designed for everyday use.

FRA 50 (FRA) – Highly active wetting agent, designed to eliminate residual alkalinity from dishes after the wash cycle.

MDP 35 (MDP) – Carefully blended powder, used to clean and sanitise dishes, crockery and cutlery in both commercial and domestic dishwashing machines.

MDP 05 (MDPO) – Specifically formulated to be safe for use in septic water treatment systems

D’Scale (DSC) – Acid based descaler designed for rapid removal of water scale, rust, oxidation and stains from dishwashing machines and irrigation pipes.