Metals & Concrete Cleaners

Kiclear (KIC) – Heavy duty acid cleaner suitable for cleaning and brightening a range of metals, including aluminium.

Twister (TWI) – Extra strength aqueous degreaser, formulated to remove heavy grease, dirt and grime from metal.

Agi Gel (AGIGEL) – Thickened acid organic cleaner designed for rapid removal of fresh concrete, water scale, rust and stains. Particularly effective for cleaning concrete trucks and equipment.

Cleaning Acid (CLA) – Powerful acidic cleaner designed for bowl wash and concrete removal.

GFC 50 (GFC) – Heavy duty degreasing powder. Provides quick, easy removal of grease and oil stains on concrete floors, driveways and other unpainted hard surfaces.

Mechanics Break (MQB) – Mechanics quick break concentrated solvent/degreaser for removing heavy grease, dirt and oil from concrete, vinyls and any metals.

Mechanics Friend (MFR) – Solvent based concentrate that mixes to form a ready-to-use degreaser. Ideal for removing heavy grease from metal and concrete.

Alubrite (ALB) – Degreaser designed for rapid removal of rust, water scale, soap and body fats, algae marks and stubborn stains. Ideal for use on metal surfaces, concrete, aluminium and fibreglass.