Floor Cleaners

A product renowned for its high level of pleasant, long lasting perfume that masks and destroys unwanted odours.  CARPET FRESH can be used safely on all types of rugs, mats and carpets, including modern synthetics. 

Directions: Sprinkle liberally onto the carpet. Allow to remain a few minutes and then vacuum the surface.

A specialised liquid carpet cleaning detergent which may be used in dry cleaning systems as well as with water extraction units. Safe for woollen and synthetic carpet and fabric. 

Directions:  Pre spray: 1 : 1 parts water,    Bonnet Soak: 1 : 100 parts water,   Spot Cleaning: use undiluted,  Extraction units: 1 : 40 parts water (Bonnet buffing)

Professional floor sealer and polish for vinyl sheets and tiles

Combined cleaner and polish for use in maintenance of polished floors and vinyl.

Powerful stripper of floor polish, as well as metal linked polishes.