General Multipurpose Cleaners

A versatile cleaner for use on a variety of surfaces, e.g. stainless steel, vinyl, laminate, painted wood and metal, porcelain, and glass.  It is useful for spot cleaning carpets and upholstery. Also used as  laundry pre spray. 

Directions:   Stainless Steel, Windows etc: 10 ml : 2 L water, Laundry pre-wash spray: 1 L : 3 L water, Spot cleaning: 100 ml : 1 L water, Cars: 20 ml : 2 L water, Trucks: 100 ml : 2 L water

Provides economical cleaning and high performance anti-bacterial control.  Use to clean, deodorize and disinfectant all hard surfaces, benchtops, walls, floors, refrigerators, ovens, sinks, stove hoods, windows and frames, shower recesses, bathtubs, etc. 

Directions:  Apply using hand operated spray applicator, wipe off with moist sponge or cloth.

A complete cleaner and sanitizer for effectively cleaning showers, amenity blocks, toilets etc. Specialised chlorine stable surfactants ensure rapid action, ample foam and easy application. Leaves surfaces sanitized, fresh and revived totally free of mould and mildew.

Directions: Squirt a stream over vertical surface, use brush or sponge, spread over entire area. Allow a few minutes to penetrate then rinse with water

A complete cleaner and sanitizer for effectively cleaning floors, walls, tabletops and equipment with powerful broad spectrum germicidal activity. Specialized chlorine stable surfactants ensure rapid action, ample foam and easy application. Leaves surfaces sanitized, fresh and revived. Built in corrosion inhibitor helps prevent corrosion to metals.

Directions: Dilute: 1 L : 20-30 L of water. Do not use on reactive metals such as aluminium, zinc coating or alloys. Product contact surfaces must be rinsed with water after use.

A disinfectant. Deodorant cleanser based on the germicidal properties of distilled pine oil and eucalyptus oil. 

Directions:  Swab surfaces, allow contact time, then rinse with water.  Floors: 100 ml : 10 L warm water, Washrooms, Showers & Toilets: 50 ml : 10 L warm water to remove body fats, soap scum, etc,  Kitchens: 50 ml : 10 L warm water, pour a little down the drain to deodorise, Kennels & Stables: 300 ml : 10 L water

A multipurpose cleaner and deodorant for fridges, bench tops, stoves, floors, walls, bathtubs, basins etc. 

Directions:  Multipurpose Cleaner: dilute 30 ml : 5 L warm water,   Laundry Booster: add 50 ml to the wash,  Jewellery Cleaner:  soak in undiluted for 15 mins, then rinse.

A liquid cream spray enriched with a blend of waxes to clean and wax all work surfaces and continue to keep them clean by helping to repel dust. 

Directions: Simply spray onto surface to be dusted and polish.  Wipe immediately with a soft clean cloth.  DO NOT let dry before wiping, or spray directly onto cloth.

A revolutionary citrus based cleaner/degreaser which is the environmentally safe alternative to caustic and petroleum solvent based cleaners.  Non-harmful to painted surfaces, aluminium, rubber laminates, glass, etc.  Ideal for use on automobiles, boats, trucks, machinery, engines, kitchens, amenity blocks, shower recesses, etc. 

Directions:  General Spray & Wipe cleaning: 1 : 10 parts water Mopping: 1 : 50 parts water (200 ml : 10 L water)   Heavy Duty Cleaning: chicken fat, carbon, engines, grease, etc apply undiluted and to soak for 5 minutes,  Vehicles: 1 : 50 parts water

A high flash point kerosene developed especially for use in industrial parts washers.

Directions:   Pour product directly into the holding tank of parts washer equipment.  For parts wash equipment that require water add the specified amount before adding solvent.

A powerful water based degreaser formulated to remove heavy grease, dirt and oil from a variety of surfaces.  Free of liquid hydrocarbons and phosphates.  Cleaning power of natural orange oil has been utilized.  Phaser Break is designed to function as a “Quick Break” product; the oil and grease will rapidly separate from rinse waters, which ensures effective operation of separating equipment such as coalescing plate separators. 

Directions:   To degrease engines, machinery and concrete: 200 ml  : 1 L of water, spray or brush onto soiled area, allow to penetrate then hose off with pressure.  Floor and power scubbers: 50 ml : 1 L water, Steam and pressure cleaning: 10 – 50 ml : 1 L water.   

Protects and beautifies materials such as vinyl and other plastics, rubber, finished leather (not suede) and sealed wood against the damaging influence of the environment.  Repels dust. 

Directions:  For dirty surfaces, first clean thoroughly with HURRICANE cleaner. Apply evenly with a cloth or sponge or spray directly on to the clean, dry surface.  For best results leave for several hours or overnight.