General Multipurpose Cleaners

Hurricane Clear (HURC) – All-purpose cleaner, designed for use on a variety of surfaces, including stainless steel, vinyl, laminate, painted wood, metal, porcelain and glass.

Spray & Swipe (SPS) – Anti-bacterial spray used to clean, deodorise and disinfect all hard surfaces, from benchtops to windows.

Dominator (DOM) – Complete cleaner and sanitiser for glass surfaces. Contains specialised chlorine surfactants to ensure rapid action, ample foam and easy application.

Terminator (TER) – Complete cleaner and sanitiser for glass surfaces. Contains corrosion inhibitors to prevent deterioration in non-reactive metals.

Pinechem (PNK) – Eucalyptus and Pine oil cleaner. Disinfecting and deodorising cleanser, based on the germicidal properties of distilled eucalyptus and pine oil.

Cloudy Ammonia (CLD) – Multipurpose cleaner and deodorant for fridges, bench tops, stoves, bathtubs and basins

Sun Glow (SGW) – Liquid cream polish spray containing a unique blend of waxes to clean and repel dust from furniture.

Orange Powder Concentrate (OPC) – Environmentally friendly citrus-based cleaner and degreaser. Non-harmful to painted surfaces, rubber laminates, glass and aluminium.

N.C.K. Parts Cleaner (NCK) – Safety solvent for use in industrial parts washers.

Phaser Break (PQB) – Extra strength aqueous quick-break degreaser made from readily biodegradable surfactants. Formulated to remove heavy grease, dirt and oil from a variety of surfaces.

Protectorglaze (PTG) – Protects vinyl, plastic, rubber, finished leather and sealed wood against elements. Repels dust and leaves clean finish.