Bathroom & Toilet Cleaning

24/7 Scented Miracle Tabs (WFLB) – Eco-friendly urinal blocks for use in hotels, hospitals, schools and public buildings.

Fruity Reodour Blocks (REBF) – Compressed, dyed and perfumed blockettes that will cut through unpleasant odours with a sweet and lasting aroma.

Alpine T.L.C. (ALP) – Specialised liquid sanitiser, designed for shower recesses, wash basins, tile floors, toilets and urinals.

Bandit (BAN) – Enzyme based odour control agent. Removes grease, fats and other contaminants by enhancing beneficial microorganism activity.

Biff Cream (BIF) – Extremely versatile cleaner containing a soft mineral abrasive and powerful surfactants. Ideal for stainless steel, chrome, enamel, fibreglass, and painted surfaces.

Biocure (BCR) – Chemical biocide and deodorant for use in toilets. Sanitises to hygiene standards and neutralises unpleasant odours.