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Vehicle Washing

At Sun-Chem we like to give our customers the right chemicals for the job. We stock the best auto wash, car wash, shampoos and presoaks to degreasers and accessories.

Sun-chem offer you the right tools and knowledge to help you get the job done as easy as possible.


Is a powerful water based degreaser formulated to remove heavy grease, dirt and grime from a variety of surfaces.  Is excellent in machinery workshops, garages, engineering plants, and other commercial areas where built up grease and grime is a problem.  Directions:  Degrease engines, machinery & concrete: 200 ml : 1L water, spray or brush on, allow time to penetrate then rinse or hose off.  Cleaning walls, floors, tiles or vinyl: 50ml : 1 L water, Truck Taut Liners: 100 ml : 1 L water and spray on to remove grime and rinse off with high pressure cleaner.
1 lt – 5 lt – 20 lt – 200 lt

imageGLO – WASH  (GLO) Non-Silicone Auto Shampoo Containing High Gloss Wax

Cleans and protects vehicles in one simple operation.  Contains no solvents or silicone oil.  Ideal for use on paint, chrome, steel, glass, rubber and aluminium.  Directions:   Dilute: 25 ml : 1 L water (cold or hot).  Heavy Build up: 50 m : 1 L water. Paint Work: dilute as required, sponge or spray on, rinse with water.
5 lt – 20 lt – 200 lt


A foaming liquid shampoo for use on motor vehicles such as cars, trucks, busses, etc.  Completely safe on all types of paintwork and alloy surfaces.  Suitable for separators/ recycling water systems.  Directions:  Cleaning Cars: 75 ml : 10 L water,  Cleaning Trucks: 1 L : 10 L water.  Apply with a brush, sponge or pressure washer.  Avoid streaking apply from bottom to top.
5 lt – 20 lt – 200 lt

WASH & WAX  (WNW) Non – Silicone Auto Shampoo containing High Gloss Wax

Cleans and protects your vehicle in one simple operation.  Contains no solvent or silicon oil.  It neutralises corrosion and provides residual protection.  Ideal for use on paint, chrome, steel, glass, rubber and aluminium.  Directions:  Dilution: for general conditions of surface, mix 1: 40 parts cold or hot water, Heavy built up or washing wheels and grease contaminated areas, mix 1 : 20 parts. Application: Cool down hot metal surfaces by hosing with water before apply.  Spray or sponge on – hose off.
1 lt – 5 lt – 20 lt – 200 lt

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We offer over 150 state-of-art unique formulations for home & industry

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