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Sun-Chem Sunshine Coast – Gympie

Specialists in all cleaning and degreasing products for Industry and the home


Specialist Products

Sun-chem is your one stop shop for all your cleaning supplies. Sun-chem specialise in cleaning equipment, cleaning chemicals, floor polish, chemicals for odour contol, cleaning equipment, gloves, handcare, hand sanitisers, the list is endless.

BEERLINE CLEANER (BEE) Liquid Cleaner for Hotel Beer Lines
Hazard Status:  “Poisons”
A heavy duty liquid detergent containing alkaline salts, chelates and sequenterants particularly suited to the removal of scale from beerlines and pipes.  Does not contain chlorine or related compounds that may affect the taste of beer.  Directions:   Mix at the rate of 60 ml per 5 lt of clean water.
5 lt – 20 lt

SUN GLOW (SGW) Furniture Polish
A liquid cream spray enriched with a blend of waxes to clean and wax all work surfaces and continue to keep them clean by helping to repel dust.  Directions: Simply spray onto surface to be dusted and polish.  Wipe immediately with a soft clean cloth.  DO NOT let dry before wiping, or spray directly onto cloth.
1 lt – 5 lt – 20 lt – 200 lt

VINEGAR (VIN) White – Cleaners Grade
Made from spirit of cane sugar, pasteurised for purity.  NOT FOOD GRADE, ideal for cleaning applications, including the neutralization of alkaline residues, oven cleaning, etc.
20 lt

BIOCURE (BCR) Formaldehyde Free, Portable Toilet Sanitation Agent
A chemical biocide and deodorant for use in chemical toilets.  The product sanitises to hygiene standards and neutralizes unpleasant odours.  Directions: Portable Toilets: 100 ml, Recirculating Toilets: 100 – 200  ml directly into bowl, flush toilet 2 or 3 times to complete mixing. Holding Tanks: 100 ml per 4.5 L capacity.
5 lt – 20 lt – 200 lt

DIGESTOR (DIG) Portable Toilet Sanitation Agent
A chemical preservative and deodorant for use in chemicaltoilets.  Sanitises and halts the decomposing process.  Contains odour absorbing agents to  neutralise malodours.  Directions: Portable Toilets: prepare a solutions of 1 : 20 water.  Charge holding tank with sufficient to cover any waste.
5 lt – 20 lt – 200 lt

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64 Violet Street, Bruce Highway, Gympie, 4570
Phone: (07) 5482 2322
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We offer over 150 state-of-art unique formulations for home & industry

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