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Kitchen Products

There are many microorganisms in your Kitchen which you cannot see which is why you need Sun-chem's high purpose sanitising products for cleaning your kitchen surfaces.

EASY GRILL (ESG) Extra Heavy Duty Grill and Hot Plate cleaner Hazard Status: “Poisons”
Is a strong alkaline cleaner which is highly effective for the removal of baked on fats, greases and carbon deposits. Directions: Brush or wipe on preheated oven or grill 80 degrees and allow time to penetrate (at least 10 minutes)
5 lt – 20 lt – 200 lt

HURRICANE CLEAR (No Colour) (HURC) Multi-Purpose Cleaner
A versatile cleaner for use on a variety of surfaces, e.g. stainless steel, vinyl, laminate, painted wood and metal, porcelain, and glass. It is useful for spot cleaning carpets and upholstery. Also used as laundry pre spray. Directions: Stainless Steel, Windows etc: 10 ml : 2 L water, Laundry pre-wash spray: 1 L : 3 L water, Spot cleaning: 100 ml : 1 L water, Cars: 20 ml : 2 L water, Trucks: 100 ml : 2 L water
5 lt – 20 lt

ORANGE POWER CONCENTRATE (OPC) Natural Citrus Based Cleaner / Degreaser Concentrate
A revolutionary citrus based cleaner/degreaser which is the environmentally safe alternative to caustic and petroleum solvent based cleaners. Non-harmful to painted surfaces, aluminium, rubber laminates, glass, etc. Ideal for use on automobiles, boats, trucks, machinery, engines, kitchens, amenity blocks, shower recesses, etc. Directions: General Spray & Wipe cleaning: 1 : 10 parts water Mopping: 1 : 50 parts water (200 ml : 10 L water) Heavy Duty Cleaning: chicken fat, carbon, engines, grease, etc apply undiluted and to soak for 5 minutes, Vehicles: 1 : 50 parts water
5 lt – 20 lt – 200 lt

HANDI KEM (HKM) Ammoniated Detergent
A powerful ammoniated detergent used for the removal of body and animal fats, grease and grime. EXCELLENT GREASE CUTTER. Great for: Dairies, Butcher Shops, Boning Rooms, Kitchens, Food Processing Units. Directions: Greasy Floors: 150 ml : 16 L water, General Cleaning: 75 ml : 16 L water, Cleaning Cars & Trucks: 1 L : 10 L water
5 lt – 20 lt – 200 lt

SUN PREMIUM (SPM) Dish Washing Detergent
A concentrated biodegradable detergent designed for manual dishwashing, whilst being kind to the hands. Directions: As the product is highly concentrated, small amounts are required to provide effective cleaning. As a guide 1 to 2 teaspoons persinkfull of water should be sufficient.
5 lt – 20 lt

SPARKLE FRESH (SPA) Anti-bacterial Dishwash Liquid
An anti-bacterial concentrated product which is readily biodegradable, designed for manual dishwashing. Directions: Dishwashing: 10 ml : 10 L wash water, General Cleaning: 20 ml : 5 L water, mop or sponge on then wipe clean, rinse surface with fresh water
5 lt – 20 lt

SUNSHINE GP (SGP) Dishwashing Liquid
Is a bio-degradable, general purpose detergent which is recommended for a multitude of cleaning applications, including dishes, cutlery, greasy pots and pans and use a wetting agent. Directions: Dishwashing: 20 ml per sink load. Add more for extra greasy wash-ups. General Cleaning: 20 – 60 ml : 10 L warm water, depending upon the degree of soiling, rinse with water.
5 lt – 20 lt – 200 lt

NO SPECS (SPEX) Dishwashing Liquid (economy)
A bio-degradable, general purpose detergent which is recommended for a multitude of cleaning appplications, including: dishes, cutlery, greasy ports and pans, benchtops, floors, walls and any other washable surface. A high performance cleaner, providing economical and effortless cleaning, whilst being kind to hands. Load with pleanty of foam and refreshing lemon aroma. Directions: Dishwashing: 20 ml per sink load. General Cleaning: 20 – 60 ml : 10 Lt warm water, dpending upn the degree of soiling. Rinse surface with water.
5 lt – 20 lt

TIME SAVER (TIM) Multipurpose Detergent Concentrate for the Food Industry
A concentrated neutral detergent which is ideally suited to the removal of animal fats, oil and grime from washable surfaces in butcher shops, boning rooms, kitchens and food processing areas. Directions: Foam Cleaning: 1 part : 4 parts water, use stronger solution for heavy soiling, High pressure cleaning: 1 part : 200 parts water, Manual Cleaning: 1 part : 100 parts water, General: optimum results will be attained if warm/hot water is used.
5 lt – 20 lt – 200 lt

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